After reading that title, I’ll understand if you’re confused! It’s not as strange as it sounds…at least I don’t think it is.

My son is suddenly obsessed with monsters, thanks in part to his favorite show, Monsterquest on the History channel, where they tell the legends of creatures like Bigfoot and mutant canines. Then, they try to capture a photo or live specimen, which hasn’t happened so far. My son is six, though, and loves the mysterious aspect of these creatures and is proud to know more about BigFoot than any other six-year-old around!!

He’s especially fascinated by mutants, ever since watching the mutant canine Monsterquest. Now, any time we see an animal or bug that he can’t immediately identify, he says, “Well, I guess it’s a mutant!” Once he makes up his mind that something is a mutant, there is absolutely no way to get him to change his mind! So now, locusts are no longer locusts; they’re mutant bugs! And barn swallows aren’t called barn swallows around my house. They’re mutant birds! It’s actually pretty funny, and I’m not going to spoil his fun by insisting that these creatures are just run-of-the-mill, ordinary bugs and animals. He’ll figure it out soon enough. In the meantime, he’s really enjoying discovering all the “mutants” around us!

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