Earlier this week, I mentioned the trouble my son was having letting me go when I took him to school. Well, as suddenly as these emotional mornings started, they stopped! I couldn’t believe it! All of a sudden, instead of crying an hour before school starts, he gets ready and wants to leave an hour early, so he can start playing sooner! It’s been an amazing transformation! Yesterday, he even asked me to come into the classroom with him. I was hesitant, because the last time I went in with him, he clung to me and threw a huge fit when it was time for me to leave. This time, though, he showed me some things he’d been working on, with pride evident in his eyes. I was so filled with pride myself that I could barely speak! For all the mothers of new kindergarteners: Hang in there! It will be okay, and you’ll be amazed how quickly your child blossoms, right before your eyes! 🙂


It’s Friday again! My son has made it through his first full week of school, and I can’t wait for the long weekend, and an extra day to soak my sweet boy up!!

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Here’s My Question: What’s the strangest/funniest thing you’ve ever said to your kids while talking on the phone to someone else?

My Answer: The other day, I was talking to my mom (thank goodness it wasn’t a business contact!) and I found myself saying, “No, she can’t have a popsicle right now! Wait until she’s off the toilet!” My mom said, “You should write this stuff down!”

I’m sure you can figure out what was happening in the background while I was on the phone. My daughter was, obviously, on the toilet, minding her own “business,” and her older brother decided it was the perfect time to run to the freezer and grab a couple of popsicles (they always do that kind of stuff when mom’s occupied on the phone). I guess he didn’t realize that the toilet might not be the best spot to eat a popsicle!!

When my kids were in diapers, I struggled frequently with tough diaper rash. When my son was a year old, he had an allergic reaction to some cheap diapers that gave him the worst diaper rash imaginable! His poor little bottom was raw and red and peeling, with little red dots around the edges of the rash. When we took him to the doctor, she informed us that the allergic reaction had been aggravated by a yeast diaper rash, and recommended that we use over-the-counter steroid cream as a treatment. Eventually, the rash went away, but I’ll never forget how horrible it looked, or the profound sense of guilt I had, even though the rash wasn’t really my fault.

When my daughter came along, she frequently had yeast diaper rashes, but I knew enough to buy the over-the-counter cream before the rash became too horrible. Still, with just steroid cream as a treatment, that pesky rash kept creeping back. It never went away for good until she was potty trained. I got to the point where I felt there was nothing I could do to completely tackle that rash!

I wish that Vusion ointment had been around when my kids were in diapers! Vusion is a new treatment for yeast diaper rashes that is so effective it can be obtained through prescription only. It’s also gentle enough that it has been approved by the FDA to treat babies as young as four weeks old, which is how old my daughter was when her first round of yeast diaper rash cropped up. It would have been so nice to be allowed to stop worrying about diaper rashes and focus on other, happier things, like spending guilt-free time with my kids! If your baby has a rash that just won’t go away, ask your doctor about Vusion ointment!

Thanks to MomCentral, for allowing me the chance to help spread the word about Vusion Ointment. Click here to download a coupon for Vusion Ointment.

Last week, I spent way too much time on Craftster, but I found a really cool hoodie tutorial that I just had to try. It took me about three hours, total, which I spread out over a few days. I think it turned out very nicely, if I do say so myself! I found this oh-so-cute fabric at Wal-Mart for $2 a yard. Here’s a full-body shot:

My only complaint is that the fabric turned out to be quite thin, and since I was making a jacket, I wanted it to be fairly warm, so I had to double up the fabric. This caused me to run out of fabric at the very end, and I couldn’t make the hood quite a slarge as I wanted. Next time, I think I’ll try fleece or sweatshirt fleece. I promised my son I’d make him a hoodie some time soon!

Total cost: $6

For the hoodie tutorial I used, click here.

One certain kitchen cupboard has really been getting on my nerves for the last few days. My husband it a chronic junk food eater (somehow, he never seems to gain a pound!!) and buys tons of chips, but never eats the last quarter of the bag because he “doesn’t like the crumbles!” And instead of throwing them away or feeding them to the birds or ants, he just leaves the bags in the cupboard until I get tired of it a few weeks later and throw all his “crumbles” out. I was seriously running out of room in my cupboard. Here’s what it looked like:


After only about 5 minutes of organizing and throwing crud out, it looked much nicer:

My son will be starting kindergarten in three weeks! Where has the time gone??!? It seems like just yesterday that I was coming home with a tiny baby boy, terrified and elated at the same time. My heart aches but also swells with pride when I think about how fast he has grown. It it common for mothers to be so torn between to extreme feelings? I dread his first day of school, but at the same time, I know how excited he is, and how much he will learn and grow through his school experiences, and I can’t help but be excited for him.

He had his first eye exam on Saturday, and found out that he has to get glasses. We chose to visit the Opthamologist at Wal-Mart, so I could keep Little Sis busy while Dadd went in the back room with Big Brother. When the exam was done, Little Sis and I went to meet “the boysies” as she calls them. My swet little boy was in tears, after hearing that he’d have to wear glasses! Such a sensitive soul!! We let him pick the coolest glasses available, and did our best to reassure him that he looked super hunky (which he did). I think he’s feeling better now.

Then, yesterday, after hanging on to his old car seat for so long, we convinced him to let us remove the straps so that he could use it as a booster seat. He actually cried! I guess it was too much growing up in two days! It was too much for me too. To make my heartache even more bittersweet, my not-so-little boy turns six on Wednesday!!!

Someday, we’ll get a scanner, and I can show off pics of what a beautiful baby he was. Here’s a photo of him two years ago (look at those chubby cheeks!):

Does every mother experience this intense mixture of happy and sad when her first baby goes off to school???

Happy Friday!!

Yesterday, since it was a very rainy day, I decided to finish a handbag I’d previously started. Since I already had about 1/3 of the project completed, I whipped this baby up in about an hour. I LOVE it!! (It looks a bit funky here, because it’s hanging from a doorknob, but it’s so blasted difficult to take a picture of my own shoulder!)

It’s made out of an old skirt that my husband’s grandma wore as a young woman. Isn’t the fabric fantastic? I learned the basics of making a handbag when I made the Pleated Beauty Bag from Bend-the-Rules Sewing. So, for this bag I didn’t use a pattern. I just cut out a shape I thought would be nice and mae sure all the pieces were the same size. It was remarkably easy!

I lined and faced the bag with white cotton felt and put a cell phone-sized pocket on the inside. It’s just the right size for me!! Here’s the best part: Total Cost: $0!!


Some day soon, I might post a tutorial about making handbags, but I need to score some more fabulous fabric first. (Try saying that five times fast!) I think this may be the beginning of a new handbag fetish for me. And why not, when I can make them myself?!?