Thanks to Family Review Network, I recently had the opportunity to order and review a costume from Honestly, the hardest thing about this review was choosing a costume! This website has quite a wide selection of Halloween costumes, and I felt a bit like a kid in a candy store, imagining my children dressing up in each one of these cool outfits. My daughter wanted everything, and my son is still hoping for a werewolf costume (unfortunately, they don’t have that one), so I decided to get my daughter the Tinkerbell Ballerina Halloween Costume. It’s sooooooooooooo cute!!

The prices at are very reasonable, and the costume arrived in the mail in good shape, less than a week after I ordered it, and my little girl had to try it on immediately of course! She loves the costume, and was so excited that she wouldn’t quite stand still to have her picture taken:

Every year, it’s the same story for my family. We rush around the week (okay I admit it: sometimes the day) before Halloween, dragging ourselves from store to store, until our kids find a costume that’s “just right.” That’s why this year, I’ve vowed to buy my costumes online. Buying this Tinkerbell costume was completely painless, effortless, and actually fun! What a far cry from the Halloween shopping I’ve become accustomed to! Check out Maybe you’ll find your child the perfect costume in the comfort of your own living room!