I grew up with Spot Shot carpet cleaner. My step-dad, whose mantra should be “Save money or die,” very rarely endorses a brand name product. He would much rather stick to the cheaper generic alternatives, whenever possible. However, when he finds a brand name product that outshines any other similar products on the market, he sticks with it for life, and will use nothing else. Plus, he recommends it to everyone he knows! The original Spot Shot carpet cleaner has long been one of these much-lauded brands. When I was growing up, I was taught that no other carpet cleaner would stand up to the job, and I might as well be throwing my money away if I used anything else. That’s how passionate he is when he chooses to back a brand name!

The one, huge drawback to Spot Shot Original–the thing has caused me to avoid purchasing it for my entire adult life–is the odor. The fumes from my step-dad’s beloved Spot Shot could practically set a person’s nose hairs on fire! I’m not kidding! With such potent fumes, I didn’t feel comfortable using the product around my children or pets. To my way of thinking, anything with fumes that harsh can’t be non-toxic, right? I had to make due with alternative products, some baking soda and vinegar, and a whole lot of elbow grease. That method works okay, but it’s not nearly as easy or efficient as the Spot Shot I used when I was a girl.

That’s why I was thrilled when MomCentral and Wd-40 offered to send me a Spot Shot demo kit, so I could test out the new and improved, non-toxic (YES, I said non-toxic) and environmentally friendly (YES, I said environmentally friendly) Spot Shot. I couldn’t wait to try it! The million dollar question was, of course, would it work as well as the old, fume-laden Spot Shot?

I received my Spot Shot demo kit in the mail. It was really cool, by the way, including a small carpet square, and bottles of amonia and chocolate to dump on said square. With my kids at a safe distance, I slathered the square with the amonia and chocolate sauce. Here’s what it looked like:

If I had a stinky, smelly mess like that on my living room carpet, I’d be extremely peeved, to say the least! After messing up the carpet square, I was supposed to spray the new Spot Shot on the stain and ammonia, then blot with a rag (also provided in the kit!). Then I was supposed to spray and blot, spray and blot, etc, until the stain and odor were gone. In less than five minutes, with¬†absolutely no scrubbing,¬†I had one very wet, spotlessly clean, totally odorless carpet square! Here’s what it looked like:

My son, who watched the proceedings very carefully, simply said, “COOL!” and I have to agree! I was amazed! Not only does the new Spot Shot work just as well as the original, but it has almost no odor at all! I’m hooked on the new, environmentally friendly, non-toxic Spot Shot, and I believe in it as firmly as my step-dad always has believed in the old version. Sorry, Rich, but it looks like a new best carpet cleaner has come to town!