I found a tutorial that I am totally smitten with! It shows how to make a sweet toddler dress out of an adult’s button-up shirt. Click here for the original tutorial. By the way, if you haven’t discovered craftster, check it out! Tons of tutorials and networking among crafty people like us! ūüôā

I made this dress as a practice run. I had an old button shirt I wore during high school. I never liked it much, but couldn’t part with it either. I knew I’d be able to make something out of it someday! I never knew that the something I made would be so darn cute, though! I was saving an¬†cool blue¬†button shirt to¬†make an even sweeter dress to match my¬†daughter’s eyes, but while my back was turned, making this dress, my son got creative with his scissors and cut¬†that shirt up!! Oh well, such is the life of a sewin’ mama!

 All together, I spent about an hour on this dress. Total cost: ZERO DOLLARS!


My kids LOVE to paint (what child doesn’t?)! The only thing I don’t like about painting with my kids is the MESS! This problem can be solved by taking the project outdoors, and that’s what we did this week. My kids got to paint to their hearts’ content (actually, it was until the paint ran out!), and I didnt’ have to worry about a huge mess in my kitchen. All I had to do was gather the supplies and hose everyone off. TAlk about fun!

The last time we tried to paint indoors, my daughter dropped a big gob of purple paint on the floor. That, in and of itself, is no tragedy. But before I could get the gob wiped up, the dog walked over it and I when I tried to get her to sit still, she ran away from me (isn’t that the way it always goes?)! I ended up with purple paw prints all over my carpet! Luckily, I got them out before my husband came home, and he was none the wiser. So, next time the weather forces us to paint inside, the dogs will be shut in the bedroom. Until then, we paint outside!

I had never heard of freezer paper stenciling until recently, when The Artful Parent mentioned it on her blog. I love a cool idea, so I was immediately drawn to this new project. In fact, I couldn’t wait to try it! I stocked up on paints, freezer paper, X-Acto blades, and blank T-shirts. Finally, I was ready to get to work!


I scoured the ‘Net for ideas for my stencils, and being a brave soul, was drawn to some fairly intricate designs. Now that I’ve finished several, I’m finally ready to share! I could offer a freezer paper stenciling tutorial, but there are already several great ones out there. Here’s my favorite tutorial.

Now, on to my finished stencils! Drumroll please….

Here’s the first stencil I did. See how the paint squished around in a couple of spots? That was before I learned that LESS paint is MORE when it comes to freezer paper stencils:

After that, I made this nifty monster truck for my son:

Then, I got a bit more ambitious and made this madonna print for myself (I LOVE this one!):

Then, I got WAY more ambitious, and made this rockin’ dragon fighting a tiger for my son:

That project was very tedious, so I went back to a simpler design for my daughter’s unicorn shirt:

Finally, my favorite stencil yet! This whimsical little family features two different paint colors and took quite a bit of time to accomplish, but I love it:


What do you think? If you have any freezer paper stencil photos to share, I’d love to see them!


My son is so creative with the blocks! He spends hours putting them together. He used to get upset when I asked him to take his creations apart so that I could have my kitchen floor back, but we have come up with a system that works: I take pictures of his finished creations, so he can look at them whenever he wants. That makes all the difference! After I took this photo, my children gleefully smashed this spaceship apart with a plastic bat!

My son LOVES to draw! And he makes some amazing creations, if I do say so myself! I hope he retains his love of art and creating things for life! Here’s his latest creation, which he worked on for hours, to get it just right:

He really puts in a lot of detail. I’m constantly amazed by the stuff he comes up with at only five years old!