Okay, maybe not quite everywhere…But I’m surprised how many buttons come in a 4 oz. package! Last time I was at Hobby Lobby, I noticed that they had tubes of assorted buttons for sale and I thought it might be nice to pick one up! I never realized (although maybe I should have) how excuted my kids would be by the buttons:

They spent almost an hour sifting through the buttons and choosing their own personal treasures. I’m so glad that my daughter is over the “stick everything in your mouth” phase! Although I was surprised by how much my kids loved the buttons, I have to say that some of them were pretty cool. I can just see the  handbags I could make  with any of these cool buttons as a closure:

And there were several really neat novelty buttons. Here are my favorites:

By the time I’d finished poring over the buttons and exclaiming about my finds, I was having as much fun as my kids, and that says a lot:

I know that playing with buttons might not seem like a terribly sophisticated thing to do, and that’s because it’s NOT! But who cares? Not I! I really do believe that life’s greatest pleasures are the simple ones, hence the name of this blog. Why not let your hair down today and have some fun doing something you would otherwise think of as silly or childish? In the process, I bet you’ll have tons of fun and make priceless connections with your children.


Warning: If you’re kids aren’t past that “stick-everything-in-your-mouth” phase, please don’t try this activity! Find another, safer way to enjoy your time together.