Read on to learn how to win a Peekaru Original!

If you haven’t figured it out already, I’ll confess: I am a babywearing fanatic! I truly do love all things babywearing, and I get almost absurdly excited when I find a super-cool new babywearing product, especially when you consider the fact that neither one of my kids will allow me to wear them any more!

Recently, I made what I consider to be a tremendous babywearing discovery. It’s called the Peekaru Original, and -call me a nerd if you must- it’s one of the coolest things I’ve seen for quite a long time! There are several basic types of carriers out there, and although each brand modifies and individualizes, the carriers can still be classified into a certain group (slings, mei tais, wraps, etc.). However, once in a while a fresh, completely new baby carrier or accessory will come along and make me think, Wow, I’ve never seen anything like that before! That’s how I felt when I saw the Peekaru Original. This baby carrier accessory looked so cool that I just had to try it out and see how it worked first-hand. Thanks to the good folks at TogetherBe, I got my chance to try out a Peekaru Original, and I’d like to give you a chance, too. But first, my review:

The Peekaru Original is a fleece vest that fits over any soft baby carrier, when baby is on your front. Approximately 85% of this fleece is recycled, saving about 25 plastic bottles from lanfills with each Peekaru made! I found the Peekaru very easy to use. The packaging includes detailed instructions in both words and pictures, which made slipping it on a breeze! It was very warm and cozy, and the mom and baby head holes fit just like shirt openings, with a zipper at the collar of mom’s (or dad’s). In colder weather, a coat can be worn, unzipped over the Peekaru Original. Best of all, the Peekaru is available in several sizes and colors, perfect for women or men. My only regret is that I didn’t discover this amazing product earlier. When my daughter was a happily worn baby, there were many times I had to stick her in her car seat -kicking and screaming- so that I could keep her warm when we went somewhere. If I’d had a Peekaru back then, the car seat would have been reserved for car trips only!

Now, I’d like to offer you the chance to win a Peekaru Original! To win a black Peekaru Original in size Large (12-14), read more about the Peekaru. Then, come back here and tell me what you like best about this product.

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