Hey everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that I’m now blogging under my own domain! Come on over to Chocolate Fingerprints, where I’ll be posting from now on. 😀 Remember, that’s chocolatefingerprints.net, not.com! Got it? Great!


Happy Monday! The winner of a Customized Fairy Ornament from Melanie’s Crafts is Rebecca C, who had an excellent chance of winning, with three entries total. 🙂 Congratulations, Rebecca. You can expect an email from me!

Remember, all the goodies at Melanie’s Crafts are very reasonably priced. Why not zoom on over there and pick something out for your little cutie (or for yourself)?

Elizabeth and the Kids

Elizabeth and the Kids

Happy Saturday! The winner of a fabulous new Sleepy Wrap is Kaydee 76, who said, “I think I’m leaning toward the black one — my hope is that if I stick with some neutral, my husband will be agreeable to trying it, too!! We are adopting a baby. =)”


Kaydee, this will be a fantastic way for you to bond with the new baby!! Congratulations, both on the adoption, and your Sleepy Wrap. I think your husband will learn to love babywearing, if he just gives it a try! Like one father I interviewed said, “Suck it up, Princess, it’s your child, too!” Love that line! 🙂  Expect an email from me.


Don’t forget: You still have until 11:59 p.m. tonight to enter the Kozy Carrier giveaway!

For your info, I won’t be announcing the Kozy winner until Monday.

There were 78 entries in the Peekaru Original giveaway, including the extra entries. The random number generator picked # 66, who turned out to be Krystal on my extra entries. Since I happen to know that she has a brand-new baby girl who loves her wrap and mei tai carriers, I know she’ll be able to use the heck out of the Peekaru this winter! Congratulations, and expect an email from me!

Every Monday (except for the last two Mondays), I’ve been running a feature that I call “Etsy Find of the Week.” I love Etsy so much that I decided that instead of spending hours window-shopping without much to show for it, I’d turn those hours into something productive and share my finds right here with you, my readers. Each week, I would get some very nice responses, all of which basically said the same thing, “I love Etsy, too!” So, I decided to start a weekly blog carnival called (what else?) I Love Etsy!  (BTW, ChocolateFingerprints.com is my new domain, which will be taking effect shortly!)

I am holding my first I Love Etsy carnival this Monday (September 15)!

To Participate, surf around on Etsy and post this Monday about any great find you’d like to share. Then, come back here and see my Etsy find. There will be a Mr. Linky, so make sure to link up. After that, why not visit some of the other participants’ Etsy finds? Lastly, it would be very nice of you to contact the owner of your featured Etsy item or shop and drop them a link to your post. The owners I have profiled have always loved that!!


  • Yes, you can post about your own Etsy shop, if you have one. I’d prefer, though, if you spread the love around a bit, and only post about your own shop every other week, if that’s okay with you. I’m going on the honor system here.
  • If you’d like to see some examples of my past Etsy Finds of the Week, click here, here, and here.
  • You can post about a single item, lots of items or do a profile of a specific shop (don’t forget to add links so your readers can find the wonderful items!)
  • PRetty please, with sugar on top…if you particpate, grab my I (heart) Etsy button and place it somewhere in your post. Copying and pasting will work fine. And also link somewhere in your post back here, so that people who want to participate can find me!
  • Don’t forget to at least attempt to contact the owner of the store/item you profile. It’s a very nice thing to do!
  • Last but not least…Some weeks, I will be having Etsy-related giveaways. Make sure you notice, and enter correctly (I’ll explain how in giveaway posts). Extra credit entries will most likely be available, too, so watch out!!

Any Questions?

The winner of the Slinglings pouch sling giveaway is Alexia! Congratulations! I already sent you an email.

If you’re still interested in a Slinglings pouch sling, you can order one off the Slinglings website. They’re very inexpensive and lovely! 🙂

Don’t forget to sign up for my last three giveaways!

Today is the first of my babywearing giveaways! Counting all extra entries, this giveaway had 203 entries!!

I wish I could give each of you a sling, but I’d be in debt up to my ears, and Rachel would go out of businessif she sponsored the giveaway of 203 slings!! So, I had to pick a winner.

The random number generator at Random.org chose #123, Mary Kavvanaugh, who is expecting twin grandbabies in February! Congratulations, Mary, and I hope your son and daughter-in-law love their Posh Papoose sling as much as I love mine! I’m emailing you now, and you’ll have 72 hours to claim your prize!

Don’t forget…You can still order your own sling from Posh Papoose, and if you order by the end of November, all you have to do is mention my blog and you’ll receive a free wipe pouch!

If you’re looking for a sling that’s barely more than free, why not order a selendang sling from H.U.G.S? With shipping they’re only $24, and the money you pay goes toward an excellent cause.

If you haven’t had a chance to sign up for all my giveaways, there’s still time! Click on the following links to visit these giveaways:

  • Slinglings pouch sling, ends on Wednesday (9-10)at 11:59 p.m.
  • Peekaru Original baby carrier vest cover, ends on Thursday (9-11) at 11:59 p.m. (I’m thinking about extending this one another week)
  • Sleepy Wrap, ends on Friday (9-12) at 11:59 p.m.
  • Kozy Carrier, ends on Saturday (9-13) at 11: 59 p.m.