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As I mentioned earlier, we attended a family reunion recently. While there, my kids had the chance to play with some of their terribly cute cousins. Here’s my son, with his cousin, Kate, who is even cuter than she looks in the pictures. She’s always smiling with her little dimples! :

Brynleigh didn’t play much, because she’s only a month old, but my daughter is just head-over-heels in love with her! She follows my sister and Brynleigh around like a shadow. It’s so cute! Brynleigh’s great big brother, Maddox, is in the background:

Here’s another shot of these sweet siblings:

And here’s what my daughter was doing at her great-grandparents’ house, most of the time (whenever she wasn’t following the baby around):

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My little boy started school yesterday! I was so nervous and anxious for weeks before the big event, and I’m happy to report that my worries were totally unfounded. He was nervous when we got to the school, and clung tightly to his daddy’s hand, but then he sat down at his desk–which just happened to be by his good friend–and started to play. His teacher is an old pro, and she had the wonderful idea to put little containers of playdoh at each desk. The kids immediately rushed to open the containers and begin playing. I had been worried that he’d be sad or might even cry when we left, but that wasn’t the case. We hung around for a short while, to make sure he was okay, and by the time we gave him his hugs and left, he was focusing so hard on playing that he basically ignored us! Not at all how I expected things to go, but so much better!!

And my little girl exceeded my expectations, too! She had expressed feelings of sadness that her older brother was going to school and she wasn’t. Well, yesterday when it was time to leave, she didn’t sob when we had to leave her brother; she was just slightly miffed that she didn’t get any playdoh!! By the time we’d left the building, she was okay, and for the rest of the day, she revelled in having Mommy’s and Daddy’s undivided attention. We went to the store and bought her some of her own playdoh, and she spent most of the day at the kitchen table in her underwear, playing with it:

We went and picked up my big boy after school, and he was one of the last ones out of the building. He was the only one not bursting with enthusiasm. He was quietly happy and said he’d had a good day and wanted to go back tomorrow. His favorite part of the day was going down the slide at recess. The lucky kid gets three recesses!! I couldn’t get much more out of him, but he said he didn’t have a least favorite part of the day. He seems pretty serious about this whole school thing. I think he’ll be a quiet, serious student like I always was. I’m so proud of my big boy!!!

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