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Just wanted to let you know that I’m now blogging under my own domain! Come on over to Chocolate Fingerprints, where I’ll be posting from now on. ūüėÄ Remember, that’s chocolatefingerprints.net, not.com! Got it? Great!


Thanks to Family Review Network, I recently had the opportunity to order and review¬†a costume from HalloweenPartyStore.com. Honestly, the hardest thing about this review was choosing a costume! This website has¬†quite a wide¬†selection of Halloween costumes, and I felt a bit like a kid in a candy store, imagining my children dressing up in each one of these cool outfits. My daughter wanted everything, and my son is still hoping for a werewolf costume (unfortunately, they don’t have that one), so I decided to get my daughter the Tinkerbell Ballerina Halloween Costume. It’s sooooooooooooo cute!!

The prices at HalloweenPartyStore.com are¬†very reasonable, and the costume arrived in the mail in good shape, less than a week after I ordered it, and my little girl had to try it on immediately of course! She loves the costume, and was so excited that she wouldn’t quite stand still to have her picture taken:

Every year, it’s the same story for my family. We rush around the week (okay I admit it: sometimes the day) before Halloween, dragging ourselves from store to store, until our kids find a costume that’s “just right.” That’s why this year, I’ve vowed to buy my costumes online. Buying this Tinkerbell costume was completely painless, effortless, and actually fun! What a far cry from the Halloween shopping I’ve become accustomed to! Check out HalloweenPartyStore.com. Maybe you’ll find your child the perfect costume in the comfort of your own living room!

My kids are finally getting over a lingering cold, just in time for us to go visit their great-grandparents, and probably catch another cold during the trip! ūüėČ

Have you ever tried cough syrup with expectorant? It is N-A-S-T-Y, with a super-mega-capital N! That’s why when my daughter took it yesterday, she said, “That stuff is HORRIFIED!”¬†Although that’s not quite what I would have called it, I have to agree!

Good Friday to you! Have you heard of Aloha Friday yet? If not, you should head on over to An Island Life and check it out! All you have to do is post your own question, then head over to today’s Aloha Friday post and link up! Of course, it’s also fun to participate, by answering others’ Aloha Friday Questions. Here’s mine:


Do you prefer dogs or cats?

My Answer:

I have to say that I am a cat person. I love my dogs, too, but when growing up, there were always good¬†cats around, and I guess that influenced me for life. I like that cats (if you pick the right one) are loving, but also quite independent. That’s something I need. I already have enough people who need me constantly. It’s nice to have a kitten who can look out for himself somewhat. ūüôā

Mom Blogs

I just need to take a quick minute to say a big Thank¬† You to the wonderful ladies at 5 Minutes for Mom. They were good enough to announce my Babywearing Bonanza on their weekly 5 Minutes Around the Blogosphere feature, which I’m sure helped spread quite a lot.

Have you heard of 5 Minutes for Mom? If not, you should definitely check it out! It’s a very popular blog that was created by twin WAHMS. They’ve become so popular that they’ve had to launch several sister sites! Check out these 5 Minutes for Mom-related links:

Today is the first of my babywearing giveaways! Counting all extra entries, this giveaway had 203 entries!!

I wish I could give each of you a sling, but I’d be in debt up to my ears, and Rachel would go out of businessif she sponsored the giveaway of 203 slings!! So, I had to pick a winner.

The random number generator at Random.org chose #123, Mary Kavvanaugh, who is expecting twin grandbabies in February! Congratulations, Mary, and I hope your son and daughter-in-law¬†love their Posh Papoose sling as much as I love mine! I’m emailing you¬†now, and you’ll have 72 hours to claim your prize!

Don’t forget…You can still order your own sling from Posh Papoose, and if you order by the end of November, all you have to do is mention my blog and you’ll receive a free wipe pouch!

If you’re looking for a sling that’s barely more than free, why not order a selendang sling from H.U.G.S? With shipping they’re only $24, and the money you pay goes toward an excellent cause.

If you haven’t had a chance to sign up for all my giveaways, there’s still time! Click on the following links to visit these giveaways:

  • Slinglings pouch sling, ends on¬†Wednesday (9-10)at 11:59 p.m.
  • Peekaru Original baby carrier vest cover, ends on Thursday (9-11) at 11:59 p.m. (I’m thinking about extending this one another week)
  • Sleepy Wrap, ends on¬†Friday (9-12) at 11:59 p.m.
  • Kozy Carrier, ends on Saturday (9-13) at 11: 59 p.m.

I love this kind of stuff! I have to thank Susie Spence from Babywearing International, for making me aware of this wonderful slideshow! I can’t get it to embed in this post, and I’ve grown weary of trying, so I’m going to at least give you the URL: http://www.flickr.com/groups/ethnicbabycarriers/pool/show/

Please take a moment to click over there. I really enjoyed seeing the different baby carriers from cultures all around the world! So interesting, and it makes me feel a common bond with mothers worldwide.

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