When my husband was a little boy, one of his childhood acquaintances was run over by a horse trailer. Sadly, that little boy didn’t make it. Ever since I heard that story, I’ve been really paranoid about my kids getting run over. I can’t even imagine how horrible it would be to witness something like that happening to one of my children! If only there was a product that would help my children learn to stay right by our car when I’m uloading groceries or grabbing my purse. Wait a minute…There is!

Introducing the Parking Pal. It’s a magnet that has a handprint on it. You stick it to your car, and the children are supposed to stand right there, with their hands on that handprint. Of course, these nifty little tools will never supervise for adult supervision, but it seems to me that the Parking Pal serves as a visual and tactile reminder to the child to STAY BY THE CAR!!

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