I made my first foray into the jelly-making yesterday. It was a lot of work, but the end result was VERY satisfying! Just look at those beautiful, dark purple jars of jelly:

As I mentioned yesterday, we went to a family reunion on Sunday at my mom’s house. Well, on a walk, my uncle Gene (who has a degree in botany) found a bunch of elderberries. When my mom told me about the berries, I’ll bet she could see my eyes light up! I’ve been wanting to try making jelly for some time, but time and money constraints have stopped me. Not anymore! I went home armed with two shopping sacks, bursting to the seams with elderberries! It was just enough to make five half-pints of jelly. It tastes surprisingly good, considering that the berries didn’t taste like much plain.

My kids love it, too. I was trying to get a photo of the inside of the jar, but my son’s greedy, jelly-seeking fingers got in the way:

He could just eat it right out of the jar (and he did, until I stopped him!), bless his heart!