Hi everyone! Thanks for being patient with me, while I took my time announcing the Kozy winner. We had a family reunion yestereday, and I’ve spent all this morning making elderberry jam (photos tomorrow).


The Kozy Carrier winner is Hannah, who said:

Keeling is a great fabric with black canvas. Had to stop using a sling with my first because of my back ( I really want to use one with our second due in December. Thanks!


Congratulations, Hannah! I know you’ll get plenty of use out of your new Kozy.


Thanks to everyone who participated in the Babywearing Bonanza. It really stinks that I wasn’t able to give each and every one of you a brand new baby carrier. The good news is that all the wonderful products I featured are wonderfully made and really not expensive at all, when you think about how the invaluable memories and assistance they provide parents with. Thanks everyone!