Elizabeth and the Kids

Elizabeth and the Kids

Today, I have the pleasure of introducing another interview and giveaway. I had the opportunity to speak with Elizabeth, the founder of Sleepy Wrap. She has also graciously agreed to sponsor the giveaway of one wrap for my Babywearing Bonanza.  Read on to learn how you can win your own Sleepy Wrap.

As I mentioned in My Babywearing Journey, I used a wrap baby carrier extensively during my daughter’s first year of life. To this day, I still don’t know what I would have done without my wrap! I highly recommend wrap carriers; they are they are so comfortable and versatile! I admit that I did use a different brand, because I didn’t know about Sleepy Wrap back then. Since those days, I’ve become enlightened, and if I am ever blessed with more little ones, the Sleepy Wrap will be my wrap carrier choice. For one thing, the fabric of the Sleepy Wrap is far superior to the wrap I used. My other reason is the last paragraph of this interview. Read on to discover what I’m talking about!

Andrea: How is your wrap different from all the other wraps out there?

Elizabeth: The “no guess” tying method that gets mom and her little one the perfect fit.

Andrea: How did you go about finding the perfect fabric for the Sleepy Wrap?

 Elizabeth: I wanted ultimate comfort for my aching back and for my son, I did not want anything that would bunch up, pinch or sag.  While gorgeous hand woven fabrics lured me in, I opted to go and check out the knit section instead. Ultimate comfort for my aching back and for my son was my priority. I compared single interlock, double interlock, and french terry knits.  When I saw how durable the french terry was and that it retained its original shape when I stretched it and pulled it in different directions I imagined how snug it would hold my son.  And although it was nearly twice as expensive as the other knits, I knew that my son and I were worth it.   

Andrea: What is the best thing about owning a babywearing company?  

Elizabeth: The best thing has got to be that we bring moms and babies together.  It makes the deepest impression on me to see a mother effortlessly nurture and calm her baby as she holds her little one close in the wrap.   That baby grows in love and simply thrives.  It is truly rewarding to know that we help facilitate this incredible bond between mother and child. 

 Andrea: What is the hardest/most challenging thing?

Elizabeth: The most challenging part of running the company is not having direct physical contact with the moms who are trying out the wrap for the first time.  Although the internet is incredible and it’s possible to communicate pretty effectively through cyberspace, there’s nothing like a smile or a helping hand when a mom might need just a little extra encouragement.

 Andrea: What is the best feedback you’ve received about your product?

Elizabeth: I just read through our long list of testimonials to see if I could find the best feedback and to tell you the truth- each one is truly so touching.  Here I was, a mother simply trying to find the best way to carry my son, and now almost every day since we started selling the Sleepy Wrap I have gotten an email from a mom who can’t imagine her life without the Sleepy Wrap.  One mom said that it was the only thing that comforted and put to sleep her “insomniac baby”.  That made me laugh.  The testimonials section is pretty extensive, I reread them sometimes and it really puts me in awe and makes me feel so good that we decided to put all of our energy into building this business.

Andrea: What is your best piece of advice for parents who are new to babywearing?

Elizabeth: Get something that is comfortable and that goes over both shoulders so you won’t end up crooked.  Remember that your baby needs good support too.   And don’t give up to easily!  Once you get the hang of things you’ll never consider lugging around a car seat again.  As one mom said in her testimonial “it makes mothering sweet”. 

Andrea: Do you have any personal stories about babywearing that you could share with my readers?

Elizabeth: I’ve sat in the movie theater through a three hour movie. Bounced on the turf and explored the cliffs of Ireland. Walked through lush meadows in Slovenia.  Nursed on a camel while visiting the pyramids.  Haggled in the bazaars in Turkey.  Rode in rickshaws in Pakistan.  Explored ancient cities in Iran.  Walked the labyrinth streets of Venice in the rain.  Sat through the Nutcracker.  Fought with the guards in Alexandria to allow me to take a baby into Alexander’s great library.  Hopped over to the islands of the Adriatic. Not to mention swept the floor, did the dishes, and danced like nobody was watching-all while babywearing.  You honestly can do mostly anything and bring your baby with you- and still feel free.

Thank you, Elizabeth, for your awesome words and for putting your heart into a product that has helped so many parents!

To win your choice of  Sleepy Wrap, simply click over to Sleepy Wrap and have a look. Then, come back here and leave a comment on this post, telling me which color of Sleepy Wrap you like best.

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