My daughter’s favorite show is Lazy Town. Her favorite Lazy Town character is Stephanie. If you’re not familiar with the show, let me fill you in: Stephanie is a the most adorable little girl, who likes to jump, run, dance, and sing, and she just happens to have a full head of pink hair! My daughter has been begging me to dye her hair pink (thanks to daddy, for teaching her what that even means!). Of course, I’ve told her no every time she’s asked me. Then, one day we were browsing in the store and came across those cans of sparkly, colored hairspray. It’s the kind that kids so often use on Halloween. And they just happened to have some in pink. So…I let her get the stuff, and this is the result:

Thankfully, her hair was pretty clean when I put the stuff in her hair, because she wouldn’t let me wash it out for days! I have to admit that she looked pretty DARN cute!! Here’s a shot of her hair, up close:

She LOVED it, and would walk around, pulling sections of her hair in front of her eyes, just so she could admire it! She’d say things like, “I’m not doing anything. I just have pink hair!” Too cute!! She also attracted quite a bit of attention when we went grocery shopping. Most people thought it was adorable, but a few old ladies looked at me as if I was a horrible parent! Oh well, it made my daughter happy, and that’s what really matters to me.

I’m sure she’ll have pink hair again, at least once or twice before the spray can runs out!