Yesterday, hubby took off work so we could get HI-DEF T.V!! It’s amazing, but that’s another story….

The Dish Network guy was at our house at 8 a.m. and left at  9, so we had all day to bum around with no plans. We ended up driving half an hour to a very cool waterpark. We’ve been there once before and loved it, so the kids were just itching to go back! I didn’t get any pictures because I don’t trust myself to keep the camera and my daughter from going under the water!! I did, however, do a bit of people-watching, and came up with this (hopefully) fun list of do’s and don’t’s, for your reading pleasure.

Do wear sunscreen. All that water around you will attract sunlight. It’s like sitting in a box of tin foil for a few hours!

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen in a weird place! Somehow, I ended up with a sunburn on one leg and one arm! And hubby sunburned his scalp! Guess that’s what we get for waiting to put sunscreen on at poolside. We had to rush to keep the kids from running off and jumping in the deep end.

Do have fun with your kids. Let loose and enjoy yourself! Kids are only little for such a short while, and if you’re stiff and embarassed, or too cool to play with them in public, you’ll regret it sooner or later (I vote for sooner).

Don’t count on lifeguards to babysit! I can’t count the number of parents who were doing just that! It was unbelievable to me how many parents would just sit there while their toddlers wandered off! One lady was actually hanging on to her kid and pushing him in a swim ring, but wasn’t watching him. As she pushed, his face went in the water several times, and he’d come up spluttering and spitting, which his mom never noticed!! If you’re going to the pool to have family time, then spend time with your kids! If you’re there to sunbathe and gab with your friends, then leave the kids with someone who will actually keep an eye on them! (Can you tell I got a little irritated? 😉 )

Do Score Some Sexy Shades. There were lots of hip mamas who looked really great there. If they had the tired mommy bags underneath those dark glasses, I’ll never know. Next time, I’m going to bring glasses.

Don’t Stumble Around Blind. This is another reason to bring glasses! The brightness of the water didn’t bother me, but hubby-and several other adults I noticed-were squinting and rubbing their eyes a lot. Maybe that’s why some of them were’nt watching their kids: they couldn’t see anything!

Do Try to Feel Comfortable in Your Own Skin. Since I started writing my Peekaboo Picks column, I notice women and what they’re wearing much more than I used to. The mommies who looked the best were the ones who stood up tall and didn’t seem self-conscious. They weren’t always-or even usually-the skinniest or chic-est, just the most self-confident. Remember that next time you pull on your bathing suit!

Don’t Be Overly Confident. Self-confidence is great, but all the self-confidence in the world isn’t an excuse to stuff yourself into a suit that’s two sizes (or more) too small! I don’t mean to sound snotty, but I was honestly surprised by how many women-mothers included-were wearing totally inappropriate and ill-fitting swimsuits! If your body bulges six inches out the sides or back, it’s time to buy a larger suit, honey!

Do Find a Way to Include Nap Time. I saw the coolest thing at the waterpark yesterday! A good mama brought a collapsible rocking chair and rocked her toddler all through nap time! I wanted to go up to  her and applaud her, but I didn’t want to wake the little one, especially since she’d thought so far ahead and was probably working hard to keep her asleep!!

Don’t Overdo it. If you’re not as lucky or smart as that rocking chair mama (and I admit I wasn’t), watch your kids (especially toddlers) for signs of over-tiredness. A day at the waterpark isn’t any fun if you stay too long, causing your kid to turn into a smaller, nastier, less-green version of the Incredible Hulk!

I hope you enjoyed my waterpark do’s and don’t’s! If you have any comments or additional tips, I’d love to hear them!