My daughter is full of energy, and experiences each emotion to its fullest. When she’s happy, she bounces off the walls, screams and laughs. When she’s sad, it’s as if the world has ended! She sobs, screams, stamps her feet, even throws herself on the floor!! She’s always been this way, and I suspect she always will be, although I hope that with a bit of maturity she’ll learn more appropriate ways to handle disappointment. Although these fits of temper and agony get old very quickly, I always try to comfort her. I don’t think she’s trying to be a brat; she just feels every emotion to its absolute fullest.

Recently, she’s started saying something that always gets to me. When she’s very upset, she’ll come up to me and say, “Mommy! Do something to make me feel better!” Sometimes, she says this at very inopportune times, like when I have 1000 words to write in an hour! But it melts my heart, and it’s good to know that she knows she can count on me to make her feel better every time. She doesn’t just know it…she expects it!