If you haven’t discovered Etsy yet, you are really missing out on a great thing! This site is chock-full of the most interesting and wonderful handmade items. I am an Etsy junkie, and no matter how long I surf the site, or how many times, I am always finding the most interesting shops and merchandise. It makes me never want to step foot in a boring, average department store again!

This week, I discovered Dali Decals. This shop is so cool! Have you ever wanted to spruce up your ho-hum house without spending hours painting? Would you like your rooms to look unique and artsy, but you don’t have the time or talent to make them look the way you’d like? Click on over to Dali Decals for the solution to your design problem.

Dali Decals features long-lasting, durable vinyl decals that will enable you to beautify your space with minimal effort, and at very affordable prices. And with most of these decals, you can choose your own colors! Check it out today!

Here are some of my favorite decals that the shop offers:

Birds Perched on Wires

Birds Perched on the Wires - Vinyl Wall Decals - Your Choice of Color

Five Little Birdies (I must be a bird-brain today!)

Swirling Wispy Tree Branch with Flowers

Swirling Wispy Tree Branch with Flowers - Vinyl Wall Decals - Your Choice of Color