Without fail, every time I browse through the handmade wonderland that is Etsy, I find something extremely cool! If I spent as much money on Etsy as I’d like to, it would take me a lifetime to pay my credit card bills!

Today, I found a wonderful shop called BlossomArts. It features handmade jewelry that is well-made more than they typical bead-heavy homemade jewelry that is so common. Most of the designs are made out of clay, and they are so beautiful! The prices are great, too. I know I’d pay a lot more for such beautiful creations at a boutique, and jewelry like this simply can’t be found at a big-box bargain basement!

It’s hard to pick a favorite, so I won’t! (ATTENTION FAMILY AND FRIENDS: GIFT IDEAS FOR ME!! 🙂 )

I adore the Art Noveau French Poster Pendant: Art Nouveau French Poster Pendant -  by BlossomArts

Also the Lilac Purple and Silver Shimmer Pendant Necklace:Lilac Purple and Silver Shimmer - Pendant Necklace- New design by BlossomArts

I also love this Black and White Tile Pendant: Black and White Tile Pendent - by BlossomArts

And my daughter would go nuts for this sweet A Little Bird Told Me No. 2 Pendant:

A Little Bird Told Me No. 2 Pendant - By BlossomArts

If you can’t find something you want to buy at BlossomArts, then you must not like jewelry, and you don’t know one single person who likes jewelry. Or…you’re not trying hard enough! Also check out the owner’s second shop, BlossomStamps. There are a bunch of beautiful stamp creations to be found. Perhaps you can try your hand at clay jewelry making, or maybe you just want unique, beautiful cards or stationary! Also really beautiful stickers!