If you haven’t heard of Etsy, please allow me to enlighten you. It’s a really cool place to find tons of handmade items! If you don’t have the time, desire, or confidence, or maybe the experience, to make your own handmade items, then the next best thing is to support those who have made handmade a big part of their lives! In my opinion, a gift bought on Etsy is worth so much more than its big-box store counterpart. Think of all the love, thought, and care that goes into handmade items. Now, think of the assembly lines and automated machines that churn out most of the merchandise in today’s stores. There’s really no comparison, is there?

I could spend hours on Etsy, just browsing the super-cool, unique shops to be found. So, instead of just window shopping indefinitely, I decided to do my part to help these handmakers. Each week, I will feature a cool shop I’ve discovered on Etsy.

This week, I found a really cool shop that recycles old electronic equipment into art and office accessories. Click on ofer to DesigningTime to find notepads and penholders made out of old floppy disks, and the coolest recycled clocks I’ve ever seen! This looks like a newer store, but it’s received 100% positive feedback. Definitely one to watch! If you know someone who cares about art, technology, or green living, anything from this DesigningTime would be the perfect gift!