Obviously, since tomorrow is the Fourth of July, I’m thinking about the freedom we enjoy here in the United States. Recently, I read a book called Apologies Forthcoming by Xujun Eberlein. This book is about China’s cultural revolution. Can you imagine having your life decided for you? The books you read, the art you view, even the words you speak are censored. Can you imagine a government that encourages bands of thuggish teenagers to brutally attack perceived enemies? These are just some of the unbelieveable things that happened during the Cultural Revolution. To learn more about this amazing book, click here and here.

I’m so happy to live in a land that is so free that many of its people take it for granted. No, it’s not right that so many of us take our almost absolute freedom for granted, but it’s true. Imagine living a life where you weren’t free to say and do just about anything you please. So many around the world don’t have these freedoms. Aren’t we lucky to live in America? Tomorrow night, when you watch the fireworks, take a moment to reminisce on just how free you really are, and mentally thank our founding fathers.  I know I will.