My kids LOVE to paint (what child doesn’t?)! The only thing I don’t like about painting with my kids is the MESS! This problem can be solved by taking the project outdoors, and that’s what we did this week. My kids got to paint to their hearts’ content (actually, it was until the paint ran out!), and I didnt’ have to worry about a huge mess in my kitchen. All I had to do was gather the supplies and hose everyone off. TAlk about fun!

The last time we tried to paint indoors, my daughter dropped a big gob of purple paint on the floor. That, in and of itself, is no tragedy. But before I could get the gob wiped up, the dog walked over it and I when I tried to get her to sit still, she ran away from me (isn’t that the way it always goes?)! I ended up with purple paw prints all over my carpet! Luckily, I got them out before my husband came home, and he was none the wiser. So, next time the weather forces us to paint inside, the dogs will be shut in the bedroom. Until then, we paint outside!