I have a friend (more an acquaintance, really) who had a baby at the beginning of May. I visited her when the baby was a week old, and she was doing so well!  She was so gung ho that I was very confident she would be able to enjoy a healthy, happy nursing experience. Well, I haven’t heard much from her lately, but my husband works with the baby’s daddy, and all of a sudden the other day, he mentioned that they’re trying to wean the baby onto a bottle! I thought she was doing so well, no supply problems, no pain issues. That got me to thinking: I’ll bet someone is discouraging her. It may not be intentional. A mother-in-law, or maybe her own mother, or even the baby’s daddy, might be making her feel less than confident in her decision to nurse. How sad! I’ve tried to talk to her, but she’s pretty guarded. Sure, formula isn’t like poisoning a baby, but I hate that this semi-friend has to miss out on an experience she was so excited about six weeks ago! My husband (bless his heart!) is indignant! He is so disgusted with his friend for not being more supportive of his girlfriend’s choice to breastfeed that he’s been arguing with him at work, in front of all the guys! What a great daddy!

This other mommy’s experience got me thinking: I am incredibly grateful for my nursing journey. My mother nursed all three of us girls, and is very supportive, but when my first child was born, I lived three hours away from her. If my in-laws hadn’t been supportive of breastfeeding, who knows how long I’d have stuck with it? My husband’s mother and grandmother were great, sharing stories of their nursing days, and helping me out if I had a problem. They never once  suggested I use formula, and they were so accepting! I am thanful to these women for their support and love! I know how lucky I am to have had complete support on all sides of me during my early breastfeeding days! I hope that both of my children have the chance to experience the joys of a healthy breastfeeding relationship with their children someday! I know that I will completely support them, just as my family has done for me.