I just finished a project that is my favorite thing I’ve ever made! It has huge sentimental value, as well as making my little artist feel important, and capturing a snapshot of this point of his develompent and creative journey. I got this idea from The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule, and even though I had never embroidered before, I simply HAD to try it! I love this book so much! Here’s the drawing that inspired the project (my son calls it a Day and Night Beast. Notice the sun and moon-shaped eyes!):

I taped the drawing onto my window and lightly traced it onto some muslin. SouleMama reccomends linen, but it’s so DARN expensive! I embroidered my interpretation of his drawing onto the muslin, and then I had him write the title, his name, and June 2008, so we will always remember what he called it, and when he made it. Here’s the finished project:

See why I love it??