I had never heard of freezer paper stenciling until recently, when The Artful Parent mentioned it on her blog. I love a cool idea, so I was immediately drawn to this new project. In fact, I couldn’t wait to try it! I stocked up on paints, freezer paper, X-Acto blades, and blank T-shirts. Finally, I was ready to get to work!


I scoured the ‘Net for ideas for my stencils, and being a brave soul, was drawn to some fairly intricate designs. Now that I’ve finished several, I’m finally ready to share! I could offer a freezer paper stenciling tutorial, but there are already several great ones out there. Here’s my favorite tutorial.

Now, on to my finished stencils! Drumroll please….

Here’s the first stencil I did. See how the paint squished around in a couple of spots? That was before I learned that LESS paint is MORE when it comes to freezer paper stencils:

After that, I made this nifty monster truck for my son:

Then, I got a bit more ambitious and made this madonna print for myself (I LOVE this one!):

Then, I got WAY more ambitious, and made this rockin’ dragon fighting a tiger for my son:

That project was very tedious, so I went back to a simpler design for my daughter’s unicorn shirt:

Finally, my favorite stencil yet! This whimsical little family features two different paint colors and took quite a bit of time to accomplish, but I love it:


What do you think? If you have any freezer paper stencil photos to share, I’d love to see them!