Yesterday, I blogged about Amanda Blake Soule’s Book, The Creative Family: How to Encourage Imagination and Nurture Family Connections (Trumpeter, 2008). If you’d like to see another project I tried out of her book, click here.

My kids, especially my son, are always drawing and painting! It’s so much fun watching their creations emerge, but this creativity leaves me with a big problem: I have little papers bursting out of several kitchen drawers, my son’s trapper keeper, on my fridge; I feel like I’m swimming in bits of paper up to my ears! So I was thrilled when I got hold of The Creative Family, because there’s a section in there about what to do with kids’ artwork. I’m definitely going to try the awesome idea of embroidering one of my son’s drawings onto a pillow, but in the meantime, I need a place where my children can display their artwork easily and cost-effectively.

Recently, I decided to try making a simple Art Wire, as Ms. Soule explains in her book. I love it, and my kids really love it! I made two wires, so they can hang their artwork up by themselves, and since there are two wires, each one is designated to one certain child, which (I hope) will prevent squabbling. Here are my kids’ art wires:

Here’s an up-close photo:


Here’s my daughter, admiring her artwork: