If you’re looking for a last-minute Father’s Day gift idea, look no further! Here’s what I did this year. We’re short on funds, and my procrastination has caused us to run short on time, so I uploaded some pictures to photobucket.com (You have to join, but it’s free). Here are the pics I uploaded:


Once you upload your photos, they will show up on the screen (scroll down, you’ll see ’em), with little buttons over them, saying things like “edit” “move” “tag” “share” and “delete”. Click edit.

You will be taken to a photo editing page, with a bunch of tabs at the top. Click on the second tab from the left, that says “Effects.” An array of choices will pop up. You can explore and have fun. I chose “pop art.” Here are the finished results:



Cool, huh? (Patting self on back) After my “masterpieces” were done, I saved a copy of each photo to my computer and logged on to WalMart.com. (I know what some people think of Wal-Mart, but it’s the only 1 hour photo place in my neck of the woods!) I ordered one 8 x 10 print of each photo, and they were done in an hour! When I picked up the prints, I also snagged some cool, inexpensive frames.