To me, it makes no sense that there is only one day a year that is set aside for the express purpose of remembering what you’re thankful for. Why save the thankfulness for Thanksgiving? Why not remind yourself every day what you’re thankful for? It makes life a lot sweeter, you can be sure.

Today, I’d like to express my gratitude for good daddies. My husband is one of the best dads out there, and our kids are the proof! He works hard five days a week, but still finds the energy to wrestle around with the kiddos. He watches Lazy Town with my daughter, even though he got tired of the show a long time ago, and he tolerates my son’s earsplitting “rocking voice.” Most importantly, though, he’s reliable. My kids know that they can count on him when they need him, and that he’ll still love them, even when they are grumpy to him or don’t want to play. I’m constantly amazed by how good a father he is, especially when I consider his father. Let’s just say…He didn’t learn his parenting skills from that guy! Anyway, I just want to say a big THANK YOU  to all the good daddies out there. Keep doing what you’re doing. The next generation will benefit from the love and support you give today!