Wednesdays can be yucky. Sandwiched between weekends, Wednesdays are just another day to slog through before you can have fun and relax again. There is no better time for a change of pace, a quick pick-me-up to get the second half of your week off to a great start!

I ADORE picnics! If you can’t remember the last time you participated in a picnic, I would consider that an emergency situation! Drop everything you’re doing and go outside immediately! If there isn’t a picnic table in your vicinity, grab an old blanket or sheet. Pack your food in a laundry basket, tote bag, or a Tupperware container, and bring along a thermos or canteen for water. That’s really all you need to have a wonderful picnic!

No one loves picnics more than children do! If you have never had a picnic with your kids, I HIGHLY recommend it. My kids and I began having regular picnics when my daughter was 5 months old, and we’ve never looked back! It’s easier now than it was then; I used to have to lug her bouncy seat outside, because she wasn’t old enough to sit up on her own. Now, she’s actually old enough to help carry some of the picnic wares.

If you’re having a picnic with young kids, keep the food simple. Sandwiches are perfect, and if you’re picnicking in your backyard or close to home, yogurt containers are also great. Fruit like apples, bananas, and oranges are also good choices, and don’t forget trail mix! Just mention the word picnic to your kids, and see what happens. I’ll bet their eyes will take on a glow that is usually only seen when Christmas and birthdays are approaching!