I’m so excited about this! I’ve made two garments for my little girl that are actually nice enough that I’m not embarrassed if she wears them in public! And, they were really easy! I owe my success to the Sew Mama Sew blog, where I found a Girls’ Clothes Tutorial Round-Up. I am eternally grateful for the Sunny Day Dress Tutorial, provided by Erin, who blogs at House on Hill Road. Check it out! I bet you’ll love this little dress as much as I do!


And now for the photos. Drumroll please….


This is the first one I made. It’s made from an adorable kitty cat fabric that my wonderful mother had lying around. She gave me a bunch of extra fabric when she heard I was going to be digging out my sewing machine. Thank goodness for mommies!!

Unfortunately, after I made the Kitty Cat dress above, I learned that my little girl is too much of a tomboy to wear dresses in public very often. Until she learns that it’s not appropriate to lift her skirt over her head, or lay down on the floor in the grocery store with her feet in the air, I’m going to have to stick to frilly shirts. So, I made the sweet little shirt below:



She loves it so much that it was hard for me to get a good picture of her! Here’s one of the back of the shirt:



Since I made both of these garments with scraps my mom gave me, and I happened to have elastic thread lying around the house, this dress and skirt cost me $1.86 for a spool of thread that I haven’t quite used up. Less than two bucks for two sweet little girl garments!!??! Not bad at all!


Next, I think I’ll try Erin’s Twirly Skirt Tutorial.  And if anyone has any good tutorials for easy boy clothes or mama clothes, PLEASE send them my way!!