We had a great long weekend, and we finally had the opportunity to make the two-hour drive to my mom’s house and see the 11 purebred lab puppies they have!! It was a special event for me, because these are the grandbabies of the dog I had as a little girl, who passed away last year. I loved all those wiggly, soft little bodies and sweet faces so much! We don’t need any more dogs, but I wanted to take them all home with me! Common sense made me go home empty-handed, but we had a wonderful time, and got some amazing pictures. These pictures weren’t hard to get…those puppies are so darn photogenic!!









See what I mean??









The kids had TONS of fun! And so did I! We actually got a decent picture of all four of us, which NEVER happens!



Grandma also has chickens…



My daughter was chasing the poor little chickens around the pen yelling, “CHICKENS! CHICKENS!” But look how nervous she looked when she actually got to touch one:


Here’s a great picture of my son with Grandpa Rich:

And more puppie photos, of course!

The puppy below is my favorite! If I had her, I’d name her Tank. She’s so wonderfully plump and sweet, too! I couldn’t get enough of her, and seriously considered sneaking her into my car!!!!

We had a great visit to Grandma Mary & Grandpa Rich’s farm. The kids ended our visit with a nice, relaxing swing:


Thanks, Mom and Rich, for a wonderful day! We love you guys!