To me, it makes no sense that there is only one day a year that is set aside for the express purpose of remembering what you’re thankful for. Why save the thankfulness for Thanksgiving? Why not remind yourself every day what you’re thankful for? It makes life a lot sweeter, you can be sure.


Today, I’m especially thankful for my pets. I have two of the sweetest dogs you could ever meet. I realize how incredibly lucky we are to have found these creatures, and I’m grateful for their companionship. Lily is  wiggly, happy little Rat Terrier/Poodle cross, and Sammie is a Border Collie/Dalmatian cross who is extremely smart and gentle. She has an uncanny ability to sense when someone is sad, and she sits with that person and quietly offers moral support for as long as they need it. I’ve never seen anything sweeter!

Yes, it takes a bit of extra time, energy, and money to take care of these animals, and sometimes they do complicate our life, but I can’t say that I’m sorry to have them in my life.