Bananas are a great comfort food, and it’s so convenient that they can be used for baking when they’re past their prime for eating raw. Really, when it comes to baking, the riper the banana, the better! Take a look at this banana:

When you’re baking with bananas, you don’t want them to be any less ripe than the one above. In fact, if you can bear to wait until your bananas are brown and slightly squishy, but not putrid, they will make the best banana bread.

What if you’ve got just one overripe banana? No problem! Throw it in the freezer, peel and all. When you’ve accumulated enough frozen bananas, pile them up on a plate in your kitchen sink, and let them thaw overnight. In the morning, cut one end off the banana peels, and squish out the banana insides. It doesn’t look very appetizing, but it’ll taste great, with very little mashing.

I love testing out new banana bread recipes. Lucky for me, the web is bursting with great banana bread recipes. Try these ones out, and let me know what you think: