If you’ve read my About page, you’ll already know that I’m a freelance writer. Recently, I was proofreading a friend’s article, and it was all about moms who blog about their crafts and handmade items. I was so inspired that I dug out my sewing machine, that I haven’t used for over three years (ever since my last pregnancy)! I also dug out my Goodwill bag, which had never quite made it to Goodwill, and made this cute apron out of an old denim shirt, some scraps from a skirt, and the pockets of my old jeans.


It was tons of fun, and I was able to make both of the kids tiny tote bags with the leftover fabric! The kids love their bags, even though they aren’t terribly professional-looking. I think I did pretty well, considering I didn’t use a pattern for any of these projects! And it was tons of fun, to boot!