To me, it makes no sense that there is only one day a year that is set aside for the express purpose of remembering what you’re thankful for. Why save the thankfulness for Thanksgiving? Why not remind yourself every day what you’re thankful for? It makes life a lot sweeter, you can be sure.

Today, I would like to say a few words about flowers. Just imagine if there were no flowers in the world! I derive so much joy observing and smelling nature’s most beautiful gift. The world would certainly be a much duller place without the beauty that flowers contribute. Also, we could say goodbye to honey, and butterflies, and many perfumes that are on the market today. Even those with sever pollen allergies have to admit that flowers are just plain pretty! Even the most inexperienced photographer can take great pictures of flowers! Here are a few photos I’ve taken of the flowers in my yard.

What are YOU thanful for?