Remeber how long summer seemed to you as a child? For me, it was interminable. Countless times, I threw myself down in a heap on the sofa, telling my poor mother how BORED I was. As a mother, her rightful response was to remind me of all the chores I could be helping with, which would drive me outside again.

Once in a while, on the hottest of days, a summer miracle would occur! Just when I was beginning to think the day couldn’t get any hotter, and that summer really was boring, I’d hear a blessed sound: The Ice Cream Man! If I was lucky, I’d already have a bit of change in my pocket. If not, I’d have to rush in and ask Mom for some money to buy a Bomp Pop or Mickey Mouse ice cream bar with real gumdrops (!) for eyes! To her credit, Mom usually had a little money on hand to feed my sugar fix and cool me off. I will always look back on those days with a smile and a light feeling in my heart.

So, to all the Ice Cream Men and Women out there: I salute you! You are part of a wonderful summer tradition, and your daily endeavors are creating a lifetime of wonderful memories. Keep up the good work, and don’t drive too fast, or you’ll miss the little kid who’s begging for a couple bucks for a fudgescicle!


What are YOUR favorite summer memories?